I lost the person I loved most in the world

My bf of a year dumped me last Tuesday. I loved him more than ive loved anyone else. I thought of him before anyone else. He was my first thought every morning. I was mean to him throughout our relationship whenever I felt depressed or insecure. I've been battling these problems for a while, but he had never experienced them. I cant blame him for not understanding. He says he doesn't know if he loves me anymore, and I am waiting for him to show up and tell me that he does. 


I dont know where to go from here. I dont want to move on, but I dont want to be left behind. He is my one that got away.





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sorry you are feeling this way, heatbreak is a terrible thing. You need to start focusing upon yourself and help yourself get over this. If its gone on for a while, is there a professional you can talk to about this?