Eight Flame Outs....Love your life alone. That concept did not exist until I awoke alone in ICU. Why are these nurses talking about my anesthesia-relared random words?

Looking around, this is incomplete. Achingly wonder why it feels like my body is on a bed of nails...

Nurse, please help me. Can you hear me? How did I get hete? Oh, pain leave me alone as I must get up. No, nurse wants me to simply relax. Relax? Abruptly, bombarded with questions from unrecognizable names and voices from anonymous white coats, business suits. Tongue twisted with brain fog, capable only to utter the words, Not Now. Blood floods my already throbbingly troubled  mind. Flash-bulb memories flickering in black and white as terrorizes my broken body. 

Somebody's asking me about a brutal beating. Yes, my soul shutters as tears flow down my swollen face. Left on the floor, kicked repeatedly, hear my cries of pain: Stop,stop' Oh no, cannot move become my last words.Yes, threatened to kill me yet here I am in a hospital with morphine dripping and people interrogating after seven hours of surgery. Not speaking to anyone as sleep temporarily takes me to a safe mental place.



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