Constant highs and lows.

I'm constantly suffering from my moods swinging. I go from happy and content during the day to so depressed at night I can't even get to sleep. Depending on how low I get, constant thoughts of suicide and lashing out against those who've hurt me fill my mind. They plague my thoughts and refuse to leave. However, they tend to subside during the day. Games, school, friends, and family occupy some of the day, so I'm not totally consumed by this abyss. But still, the dreaded black pit in my chest doesn't leave unless I resolve it. I have to watch things I like on YouTube, after hours of tossing and turning, staring into the inky darkness alone. It's becoming harder and harder to pull myself out of these pits. The pits are becoming deeper and deeper. 


There might not be much time left for me.

User Comments

This resonates with me so much. 

I'm sorry I can't help you or offer advice, but it's so nice to feel just a tiny bit less alone. 

Thank you. 

This resonates with me so much. 

I'm still going through this and don't have any advice to offer beyond what you will have alerady heard. 

But thank you. I now feel slightly less alone. Thank you so much for that.