Trying to Stay Positive in the face of Doubt, Debt and Loneliness

I've had a life that in many respects is incredibly fortunate and in a few, more recent ones, quite the opposite. I keep a gratitude journal, which I'm beginning this post with today, in which I write down at least 3, but often up to 5(my limit) things I'm grateful for. This 'life-hack' is one I'd heard for years and practiced off and on until recently when I really started to need it. So today, the first thing I'm grateful for is the practice of reflection and gratitude. It keeps me moving forward when one thing after another flies my way to knock me down. I'm extremely grateful for the multi-faceted support of my parents, who I'm lucky to have had as a child and at my age (late 20's) am so grateful that they are willing to help me through a hard time. I'm really thankful this morning that venues like this one provide an encouraging place to be open and expressive about all sorts of feelings without piling on professional reprocussions or personal reactions. The fact that new creations of this sort are continually arriving gives me hope and curiosity, not to mention inspiration for what I could create.


User Comments

This is a great post, so positive and uplifting; thank you so much for showing people that good things do happen... and for sharing your life-hack :) It's an amazing gesture on your part. This is a spectacular idea, this gratitude journal you mention. I think we all need a helping hand, sometimes, in remembering the good things we've got.