Hi !! I am a 17 year old teenage girl. I have been suffering from depression for an year now. It started with panic attacks and anxiety. I was taking coaching for university exams at that time. I was in top 10 students of my class before my depression started. I lost all interest and felt upset all the time. My mom suffers from it for 7 years now. I lost my dad at 11. My childhood was full of insecurities as my mom n dad fought a lot. She had tried to kill herself several times. I always feared that she will commit suicide. But I was a intelligent student back then. My exams are next week. I am not prepared. i am super tensed. I want to drop an year and start preparing for exams again. But universities will not accept improvement marks if I try next year. I am feeling like a failure. I have a lot of interest in science and politics. But i will not score good. Universities only care about marks not what my capabilities are. My friends said I was a person wo tought out of the box. but I am a failure now. I am a loser. I want to try again. 

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hey, it sounds like you have been through a lot. Have you thought about speaking to a professional about things? Is there a counsellor at school you could maybe speak to? It might help you regain your focus.

I have learned that it is never to late to start again, trust me you can do it. Work out what you want to do and focus upon it, then when you achieve something towards your goals you start building your own self esteem.

Sending you lots of virtual support and hugs x