Overwhelemed today, feeling sick inside, my head is exploding the troubles are at the forefront on my mind, my mouth each morning is bloody from grinding my teeth all night, I am a walking zombie, everything is going wrong, trying hard to stay in the moment, here and now, almost catching myself in the streets talking to myself, listen to the noise, focus on my walking, i want to be alone today, sat in a cafe as its better for me than being home alone, but iam craving sleep. Why is there so much destruction in the world?


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The world can be a horrible place at times, but for every destructive act there are equally amaxing acts of courage, love and bravery that go unreported. Its remembering that which allows me to believe that the world isn't all bad.

Have you seen a professional about how you are feeling? Sound to me like you are in a really bad way and in need of help. I'm not a doctor or anything but I can tell that how you feel isn't right and would urge you to get some help.