No friends

I'm a college freshman. All of my friends from high school went to other schools. At first I was sad but I thought it would be good to make new friends. Only, the problem is I'm terrified of meeting new people and I don't know how I forgot about this and went in with the expectation of new friends. So I have no friends. Well, okay I kind of have one. He's a nice guy but he's boring and annoying as fuck. Outside of class, I spend about 98% of my time alone and I really don't think I'm exaggerating at all. There's no chance in hell I'll ever find a girlfriend. If I can't even talk to someone I just want to be friends with, how will I ever talk to someone I would fancy putting my penis inside of? 


It's alright though. I kind of get sad but this is been going on for three months now so I'm adjusting. No longer do I really feel any emotions. At first it was rough and I saw the school counselor. Once the free sessions ran out, I stopped going because I felt better. A few weeks later it was awful again, but then I just stopped giving a fuck and now I don't really feel anything.


Growing up is shit. I don't know why I was excited for college.

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