feeling very upset easily

hi my name is george i am 23 years old from the uk. i basicly have just quit my job as a kitchen assiociate due to it provoking my anxiety. i can get upset very easily and have been coping most of this year by getting dizepam of the doctor here and there. i havnt had a diagnised condition of such as yet but what is wrong with me apart from phycosis a few years ago which is treated by me taking anti phycotic drugs i also take an anti depresssant as well but i feel like a child in a mans body. i find it very difficult coping with a normal adult enviroment. i feel sad and lonely and not sure where to go from here. any advice on what i should and could do on moving forward and finding out what is wrong with me or am i just pannicking and is their actualy nothing wrong with me.

from george

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