sexually abused at the age of 12

i am 19 years old boy now, from a middle eastern country, studying medicine, i was 12 when i was at 10th grade i went to my grandmother's house to study and i stayed there for 2 years, at that age i didn't know much about sex, and sexual abusements, i didn't even realize till i was at 12 grade, i was just thinking that it was something bad, and about the abuser, he was my uncle, who was around 20 something back then unmarried, and no one knew about that, neither my ant nor my grandpa, nor grandma, it was happening, sometimes a week, people say and in movies, the ones who are abused they get over it, by time, and forget it but that's definitly not the case for me, i will never ever forget that, no one even knows about that, no one even thinks something like that ever happen, but that thing affected all my life, i was an A+ student before after that happened to me, everything went down, the world crashed, sometimes i still don't know how did i end up here, how i survived, how do i live, and i am an emotional guy, so most of the times i'm sad too. i am not posting to get help, i am just posting it, to share with someone, what happened to me, i don't like to keep it with myself anyone, but i don't want to tell anyone, who is included in my life also. thank you.

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