An Anxious Breathe of Fresh Air 

I felt trapped and then relief.  The world is a very big place, I'm confined in these white walls but I will be out soon.  I can leave whenever I want, I can escape with no one knowing I was even gone.  Take that second deep breathe, it will help you to not wallow in your minds negativity.  There are things that will help but they are so far away, yet so close.  There is a pretty park, an evil thought coming in...  There is a pretty park and I lie there on a quilt that is so comforting, I'll eat some grapes, drink some tea but what else will I do? 

There is a waterfall, I made it out! I feel dizzy and a little nauseous but I hear that waterfall, I can see it and almost feel it.  But that's too much, I don't want to step outside of my body and touching water that isn't there might... well let's move on.  

My brain works, it is creative, I do have talent and I am capable of amazing things.  I am caught up in a reverie of a bright future that looks just perfect, but there is creature there.  What is he doing there? He is there to push you to a place you've never expected to go but feel so happy that you're there.  

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Best wishes with your future, stay strong and I hope all works well for you x