Dont I deserve any friends

Before beginning my story I would like to thank the person who told me abt this website

I am 21 year old guy from India. I was a very good student in college. I was a topper and got a gold medal for this. I also have a good job. But one thing i dont have is good friends. Since the starting of college I have been used by many ppl for their benifit. I was innocent and didnt knew anything what politics is. Bcoz of this I became a victim of those who used to bulldoze me. I never had true frnds my entire life. Frnds that would listen to me. Frnds that would give me priority. The ppl around me dont even care if I exists or not. I had a gang of few good frnds. But now they dont have time for me. I m not in their list. Strange thing is I now go for movies alone. I hangout alone. I have tried a lot to b good with ppl around me and make frnds of them. But they dont care. Sometimes I even hate myself of being so weak and not been able to defend myself from those bastards for hurting me. I just want a frnd who would listen to me. To whom i can trust and be happy with

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These people don't sound like they are worth your time, it can lower your self esteem. Never let anyone treat you badly, you are worth more than that.