Love advice needed

I really need some help. I was in a relationship for 4 years that was awful. I met a girl who helped me see this and helped support me while I ended the bad relationship. She was great, everything I wanted but the timing sucked so I had to let her go. I moved on and have been in a relationship with a girl, who I do love, for two years now. She makes me happy to a point but I find myself thinking more and more about the one who helped me end my bad relationship. I've convinced myself she is the one I'm meant to be with. She hasn't left my mind.

Now I'm in a situation I have no idea how to deal with it and don’t want to hurt anyone. Does anyone have any advice

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Do you still speak to the one you like? Sorry I can't quite work it out. Sometimes the memory or thought of someone from the past is much more appealing than the reality.