Anxiety-induced nausea; how do I manage?

My name is Rachel and I'm a 16 year old girl. I've had a problem with anxiety for two or three years now. It causes severe nausea for me, occasionally so bad that I can't eat or drink anything. It gets in the way of my personal life and is beginning to affect my health (I'm losing weight because I'm not eating enough, and I'm skinny as it is.). Sometimes my anxiety has a clear reason, like stress from school or dealing with social problems or my parents, but other times there doesn't seem to be any reason for this onslaught of anxiety. These spikes seem to occur randomly and never last for very long (maybe 1-3 days) before they go back to their normal levels (normal for me is a constant but manageable nausea).

My therapist is also unsure of the reasons behind my anxiety, so that's not much help either. I'm really really not sure of what to do about this, honestly I've been living with this for two or three years and I'm living in constant relentless discomfort. To other people in situations similar to mine, do you have any advice for dealing with the anxiety? Should I ask about medication to my therapist, or what?

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Make sure you don't have physical reasons for the anxiety first. It could be an issue with your thyroid or something called GP (gastroperesis, I believe - which your situation sounds a LOT like). Hang in there, sister. Sending healing thoughts your way.