Never getting ahead

I again get it because I try and ask someone else about something, instead of just doing it myself. When I don't have a job right now, I basically can pay my car payment and not much else.. I go to ask someone else if they can pick something up, and then it I get it after I tell them nvm they get it anyways... Still my fault cause I never listen to anything they say I guess, I dont... It goes to show I'm a worthless piece of shit, I never do anything right, I can't, I'm always fucking up... I'm at fault, it's my fault for not listening and just doing it... Not to mention with all this My apititte goes to hell and I don't want to eat, I just want to go away and never bother anyone... Ever again... 

In the bigger idea I've been depressed from not having a job, and it giving a lot of stress and anxiety. But even though I don't think I've done anything to ruin my chances, they make me feel like it's my fault anyways, even if it was an accident... Besides that I've been told and found out from my parents I'm basically an accident, they didn't want another kid and didn't plan on it, they planned on a new car and stuff... But they kept me to be good people right? Even though I'm the accident they don't want they don't help...   Even if I need it right away I don't get anything till a week later... I'm feeling alone and that I have to struggle and get what I want by myself always... I... Am an accident, unwanted and an ignorant asshole who never listens... I just want to give up, and leave everyone so I won't bother them ever again. Cause it doesn't ever feel like even if I help alittle or a lot that I'm able to do anything right... I feels depressed and unwanted, anxiety... But like it matters I'm just sulking right

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sorry you feel so bad. have you spoken to a professional about how you feel? It might help.

You're not sulking, your dealing with some pretty serious issues and it would be a good idea to look into getting some form of help.