Conffessions of a choleric

I am angry. Anger has been the only thing that keept me going lately. Anger at myself, for being rigid and weak, at others, for being superficial and short-sighted, and at God, I suppose, for... I don't know why. For being an ideal far beyound my reach? But then, it is my fault for not living up to my very own expectations. I am angry at myself for not being what I could be.

This indignation.

This fire consumes me from within, but it keeps me charging through every obstacle that presents itself in my way, even now, long after ambition has failed me. However, it makes me resentful and keeping it in check eats all of my willpower. Staying focused becomes harder every day, dues to lack of sleep, and eventhough I keep moving forward, it feels like I have reached the point of stagnation.

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