It seems rather interesting

that when given the chance to speak about themselves and what's going on in their life, people speak mostly about negative experiences. There is a huge disproportion between positive and negative posts - not only on this site, but everywhere on the internet. Supposedly, talking about your pains relieves them, but does it really? At first I also felt tempted to share some of my troubles with you (there are more of them than ever before), but I've never talked about most of them with anyone and I think it's going to stay that way. Not trying to criticize anyone here, though.

 Neither optimism nor pesimism work for me, usually I go for realism - but how objective can we really be? Realism usually shifts towards negative thoughts. I've heard that the mind of a depressed person doesn't see their depression as the abnormal condition, the 'mask' of unhappiness, but rather they consider it to be the true condition of life, happiness being the real 'mask' that makes it bearable for others. Is it true? Well, not at all. Negativism is on one side of the spectrum, positivism on the other - in between everything else. There is no true version of life when it comes to emotions, life is not happy nor is it sad. It's all subjective.

 But somehow the 'dark' side seems to be stronger. That's at least how I've always seen it - negative ideas, emotions and thoughts defeat positive thoughts easier than the other way around. They "have more mass", therefore they have a higher impact on our lives. Knowing this can be, surprisingly, very helpful. Whenever you're feeling down, it might help to realise it's a distorted image of the world that you're seeing, that what would be called "objective truth" by a version of you uncontaminated by negative ideas is much more positive than you think, even regarding seemingly objective things.

 I'm not saying that this will help, however. It rarely helps me.


 Anyways, it does seem interesting that so many people talk about their lives in such a pesimistic way. Most of them are probably just going through a bad time, they've fallen prey of the objectivism of depression, the one that makes them see the "truth". But even the truth lies from time to time. It's good to know that a big percentage will carry on with their lifes and see better days, maybe you are one of them.


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