Life story of a whipping boy.

Venting shortened life story

Born to Biker and Drugged up mother

Be two drugged up mother kidnaps me, going cross country

Dad on the hunt, me sold to tattoo parlor

Be found by the police and put into court system

Dad finds me, gets full custody in California

Dad was re-married

Me, happy for a few years tillage 6

Get pulled out of school for anger issues

Step-mother stealing money for meth addiction

She full bat shit, beating me till bloody and keeping fear in me with threats of murder

She up most nights, end up so scared to leave room piss in closet shit when she leaves in morning

Hurts for a while, too beta now to tell father

She is recording everything going on in house, I know

Her camera found out by father

I tell him everything, never lied to my father

He gets stabbed, he is fine moves me from AL to CA

Lives with mother who stole me

She a godly person

She remarried, had to kids, I have sisters

Her husband gives creep vibes

Memory blank here, but soon he gets caught butt fucking me

He goes to jail, cops are asshole

Cops ask about him, no memory then stark asking if I fucked my sisters. WTF I tell them fuck no, why would they ask something so monstrous

Case goes though he goes to jail

Mother goes back to drinking and drugs

She gets depressed, I raise sisters

She dies from the drugs and depression

Sisters go to grannies, I stay back and hold down house.

Alone, 16 start pot smoking, it helps a lot

Find mentor, gets head together

Joins Air force, leaving in five years. Retired because poor health

In NYC now 25, met love of life on FB been together four years. Life's good now still have some issues

TL;DR life sucked, but got better later

Any question?

I will say I still do suffer a bit from PTSD from all of this, diagnosed b the VA and my current shrink.
I still deal with anxiaty too, I just feel like posting this.

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sounds to me like you have dealt with more than your fair share of stress, at the end you say life is good and that is something you should be proud of, how far you have come.  Anxiety is always there and in my experience action is the best cure for it, helps eliminate some of the worry.