This is the end of my story.

I used to write and write and write and it'd all come out,

Eventually that stopped working. Until a girl happened.


This girl was... Unlike any of the others...

There were too many of those. Too many to note, and i dont mean that in any trashy kind of way, it just... Ended up being many, and that wasnt my fault I swear...

But she, she was... Special.

She was, strangely enough now I come to think about it, 42

Now theres an irony.

This is our story.


On the day I knew you I believed in actual love...

The real stuff, the tangible thing, you can hold in your hands and her hips are softer than silk as she pulls you in..

And the warmth I found in your kiss had me afyre.

And as time passed I lost myself inside your heat, and felt like Id never have to grow anymore, id never have to be anything else again, as long as I could stay aflame. 

But then one day of madness is all it took, and I left the safehouse of you...

And the area we had burned around it grew anew in the months I was gone...

Life grew cold, but I adapted, I grew once more, I learnt new things, I found myself in a different light...

And when I was done I came home to share what I had learnt, I travelled back to the safehaven we had... But that place was gone and,

Your warmth was now anothers. :

To appreciate. To love.

And in that moment I knew one thing.

I knew that I loved you.

But now in you is a renewed fire and a bright one. 

You had started a new life when I had gone, but my, what a flame.

I loved her not for long, and never said it. I never said it.

I never actually told her how much she meant to me, I just took a job and left, two days they gave me to pack my life up and go, and i took it. And i dont know why...

And that was that.

And i dont want to be with anyone now. Nor have I since.

User Comments

I don't know what to say to this, but I felt compelled to write something. You're in my thoughts, and I feel like you'd appreciate it if I said I hope that 'she,' wherever she is, is happy.


I hope that you find someone else who makes you feel the way that she did. Age doesn't really have anything to do with how we feel about a person; in the end, the connection is inexplicable. Everything else is just an influencing factor. 


I don't quite understand what happened... well, maybe I do. I can feel your pain in this, though, whatever the case, and that I understand. You have my warmest, most loving hopes for the future; I hope that you are able to find somebody who cares about you, that you also care about, and that everything works out despite all expectations to the contrary.