Porn is destroying me from within

I never wanted to admit it, mainly because I never thought I fell into the category of "addicted". I am addicted to porn and I hate myself for it. It started off like it does for everyone: soft, vanilla porn, but after 8 years it divulged into such unbelievable chaos that I don't have the strength to admit it even on this. I want to change because everytime I watch porn I get disgusted with myself. But I know I have no one to blame but me, because I am the one who is doing it. Change starts, and ends with me. I need to change. I want to change. Because I've had enough.

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Anon-1 Hi, I really wish you all the best with this. Be strong! I know it can seem like an outlet in to feeling something good, but what helped me is that it is a lie. Look for your life for real affection/love. Not a computer screen, really its shit, it's not real life. I know you know, but I don't know I imagine it helps to hear it from someone else. It's true, that the change has to Come from you but go easy on yourself this doesn't make you a bad person, but I mean for your own peace of mind if it's making you feel this bad , even cut down drastically maybe instead of going cold turkey. Meet with people, try to be really sociable, I mean maybe you are already, but I mean what helped me is that porn has no feeling no intimacy no nothing, it lacks any meaning.thats not love. Good luck anyway, I'll be thinking of you.