I don't want to declare myself mental, I want to fight through this blip, this drop, this whirlwind, I do need extra help that goes without saying, but I will not take pills and be put on a list to say I am deemed unfit to work, when clearly I have worked the last 20 years, and only claimed help twice. Last night I took a difficult phonecall and they were telling me that anxiety is mental health, i do need help with my anxiety but not pills. The doctor hadnt recieved my referral letter, was that a blessing in disguise, and I couldnt bring myself to talk to the doctor so left. I have woke up today, with my head all over the place, and I am splt in two halves. FIGHT OR ROLL OVER. I am both right now. Thinking about it all is too overwhelming and I CANNOT make decision, but then a glimpse of reality hits and I can get through this.

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Has your Doctor recommended CBT? It might help.