Self Loathing is the worst

I have a loving husband, two amazing children and yet I feel like the worst woman in the world.  I sink into self loathing so easily that I start to depsise myself.  Its like I can't control it.  I have made an appointment to see my GP, which took all the energy I could muster but I know that I need to get better.  I can't go on this way but my family deserve to see me as I am when I am feeling good, not overwhelmed by an unecessary depression all the time.  I hope this will help as I feel so useless most of the time it becomes hard for me to think that I deserve any sympathy or love.  Deep down I know this is wrong and as I write it down it seems even more ridiculous to me.


Wish me luck, Im trying to beat this and I hope anyone reading this can have the strength to help themselves too.  We deserve happiness as much as anyone else, so here's to finding it.

User Comments

Hey well done for reaching out to your Doctor, I know how hard it can feel.  Sincerely hope that you get the help you need and start feeling better about yourself soon.