Do you know?

I am sorry you are tired of me
I am sorry I am not fun anymore
I've lost a part of myself
But it seems that you can't see it.

Why in the world? How can it be so annoying
No one should starve for affection
Yet I am here, and my heart is dying a little every day

Do you know?
That if you were feeling as bad as I am
My chest would be your pillow
And my arms would never let you go
I would hug you and rest your head against mine
Let you cry all over me
I would not hesitate to give you all of my love
Spend every second of my days
So I can see you smile again

Why can't it be done?
I just need a little of you
Not a psycologist, Not a therapist
Neither of them would make feel
As you... Could
Because I don't know how to ask it now
You are not taking it seriously
My heart is being ripped apart while it is still beating
I need you
I don't need love
I need yours
Just enough so I can fix myself

I have never let you alone
I have constantly telling you how much I love you
Why am I the one who is far from you?
If you are so close to my heart

A shooting star is passing my
My wish I have already made
"Hug me the strongest you can
And make my broken pieces stick together"

That is your power
That is what I feel for you
But do you know?

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