Not everyone fits the mold

In fact, a hell of a lot of people don't fit in any type of mold you can think of. To think that we do is denying our humanity. How have we come to live in a world where it is expected of everyone to just, fit in?  We place so much importance on being yourself, staying true to who you are, and yet demand that we are no different from the next. I'm not even talking about not fitting in with your classmates, or being the odd one at your job. I'm talking about the whole structure of college, 9 to 5 job and achieveing the white picket fence. Or the artistic entrepreneur that still has to be a certain type of person to actually 'make it'. What about the other types of person? The artistic, but shy and timid person ends up cleaning offices for 40 years because she couldn't netwerk enough. The driven and motivated person that can't even get an interview because of his last name. The father of three whose job was made obsolete, having no other experience besides that specific field. The terminally depressed who can't even get to work enough to pay for her medication. The free spirited person who dreams of self sustained living but finds her backyard soil too contaminated to grow her own food. These aren't the odd ones out, this is our population. Who exactly is this society for?

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