I let someone else be my happiness

I met this amazing girl and she opened my world and made me feel like I belonged for the first time in a long time. We met online on a game and her words instantly made me happy. We would play for hours and she was also the last person I talked to before I went to sleep and the first one I talked to in the morning. I made her my happiness and I did everything I could to always be on and play when she was on. I really thought I finally found my other half and then over time she got more and more distant. The morning and evening messages stopped and I tried to keep it alive but I could tell that I wasn't that important to her anymore. How someone can tell you that they have fallen for you but not want a relationship and then only treat you as an online friend I will never know. I do know I need to just completely cut it off with her however her friends are the only happiness I have left anymore. She has now moved on to another guy that plays the game with me and I see everything and it just kills me inside and I just feel dead inside now. All I really want in life is to just be happy. At this point I really don't even know how to achieve that.

User Comments

hey heartbreak is a terrible pain and you have my sympathy. Can you avoid playing this game? Sometimes in life if something is going to upset you, it is best to ignore looking at it. I get that this is tough but might help you keep a balance of emotions. Anyone that treats you this way isn't worth your upset, so I hope you can move on soon. Peace.


Change your game. Play FIFA. Never fall in love again.