GF and I have been together for 4 years, she has insisted that we go on break, it's killing me

We met when we were 15 and very immature, we bonded over a local music festival the next day and were together a few days later, it's the closest to love at first sight I've ever seen or experienced. We spent the last 3 years finishing school and sixth form at each others side and we don't know any life apart, people would always tell us we're one of the best couples to be around and we very infrequently argue.

We also often talk about what the future may hold, in a very positive way, often saying things about how neither of us could see any version of the future where we are apart as things are so perfect between us.

The problem started in September though when we joined university, it's always been a goal of hers to go to uni and get her degree which I have always supported. I wanted to as well but it certainly wasn't a massive dream of mine, more just a step of life. Anyway, we both ended up going to uni in the same city so we've managed to stay very close and in contact but we've been arguing a little bit over the last 3 weeks due to us having changed a bit as people and trying to face the problems life poses we've been having lots of minor tiffs and arguments over small things that are different, likely due to all the nostalgia we have of the last few years spent loving each other over the summer. The bitch of it though is that I've always had a big insistence on facing life together, side-by-side a philosophy that she always agreed with but was slightly tentative towards as she is a strongly independent person and likes to sort some things on her own, which I respect but I don't fully understand because in my mind we're strongest together and nothing can stop us as a pair.

This all came to a head a few nights ago when we had a house to ourselves and she burst into tears explaining that she doesn't know what she wants for the future and how it might not be best that we stay together the way we are now, following up with explaining how she's been out of touch with herself and needs some time to think about things, this absolutely destroyed me, one thing I thought I was sure of was that if she ever felt bad she would run into my arms upset and I'd comfort her and assure her that we're not going to let any silly life problems come between us. That isn't what happened though, we had a big talk through the tears about things haven't been the same recently because they're slightly different and she told me that she thinks it's best if we consider taking a break.

I wasn't sure what she meant by break because every time I've ever heard that in films it's been a friendlier way of ending a relationship by stringing out the hurt at the end of it. After all of the crying and talking we decided it was best to go to sleep and talk about it in the morning, we didn't fully until the next night when she sent me a message saying that it's best that we take a break as in we don't communicate much/at all for a few days so that she can clear her head and get in touch with herself and so that I can realise that there's more to my life than our relationship. I agreed in the hopes that this would let us get back on our feet and become the great couple we would've described ourselves as 3 short months ago.

after a day and a half of not talking other than a very brief chat I broke, I'd been having small bouts of sadness the whole time whilst staring at my phone hopefully, sure that a message would appear saying "I think I've found the solution, come over I need a hug", I sent a message asking her to atleast tell me when she goes to sleep tonight so that I know she's safe and well because not knowing that is a waking nightmare for me. She didn't reply then but she did tell me when she was in bed.

Last night is where the true horror starts, she told me when she was in bed and going to sleep safe, I said thank you for letting me know and explained that the last few days have been heartbreaking and I'm really struggling, we spoke briefly about why she thinks this solution is best, checking if I agree with her along the way and I don't truly think this is for the best (out of fear that the best solution is not to hold eachother and stand together) but I did reciprocate with the reasons that she wants to try this as I do acknowledge that we're a tad too dependant on each other.

I then asked her to honestly tell me if she thinks its for the best for us to remain together and she replied "in all honesty, right now, I'm not so sure" following it up with a bit about how she does and will always love me but just isn't sure that us being together is best for either of us. We then exchanged good nights and I layed in bed upset until this morning.

I don't know what to do. All of the growing up and maturing I've done by her side, she's the piece of the puzzle that makes my life worth living, I genuinely thought I had found my purpose and that purpose was to make her happy, it seems that may not be the case though. I fear I cannot live without her.

What should I do?

TL;DR: GF of 4 years insists we take a break from eachother to clear our heads and find independence, I fear she's going to end it with me and I don't know if I can deal with that.

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