Just another story

Hello, I'm an Spanish girl dealing with depression. I've been dealing with it for almost 2 years and just a few months ago I told my mother. And I think she doesn't understand how I feel. Just because I laugh or smile doesn't mean I'm OK. Everyday is a struggle and a battle to not fall to my bed and do nothing, just cry. I don't have many friends, I always had a curious mind and a great memory that made distance with my schoolmates. I have suicidal thoughts sometimes. I just feel numb, alone, broken, tired. So tired. 

But I have to be strong, for my family and the few friends I have. And you, who I suppose is depressed too, YOU ARE STRONG AND BEAUTIFUL. And I know that all of us can battle depression. So whip the tears from your face and smile a little. It doesn't have to be a big smile, or a true one. Just smile and think that everything will eventually be better. I know that this isn't going to help you that much, but soñar es gratis, no? 

(I'm sorry if my English is not too good)

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