Hi there. Firstly thank you so much for sites like this. Without this outlet I don't know where I would be right now. Been a complicated year so far and January isn't even done yet. A relationship went sour and as a result have lost friends. Not good friends as it turns out, but those who were the perceived to be the centre of the social group. At 33, being vilified for something you didn't do is really hard. It's harder to make friends and people are more likely to believe what they want for an easy life. It's been incredibly hard being effectively bullied for entertainment. But it has to get better. I tell myself that those I've lost don't mean much, but the fact that they continue to spread lies makes me doubt my own self worth. Thankfully those who have always loved me continue to do so. But it's not easy in such a local environment. I worry they will all eventually turn against me. 

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Damn that sucks. Is it a small community where you live or are there new places you can go to? Never judge yourself on the behaviour of others, these people seem like they aren't worth it to me.