The life that took me to becoming an Escort in the Gay Capital of the UK.

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Sorry this will be long, My life has been interesting and if you don't believe me then sorry but not much I can do to change your mind besides give you my word it's true.

I was born in England to two wonderful parents, I was a text book birth. within a week of the arrival date, short labour, good weight and very healthy. This was the last time I had things go this well and I'm glad, makes this story and my life interesting and far from boring.

I tried to kill myself at 5, not out of some sort of child depression, just out of attention seeking stupidity. I climbed out my window and shouted to my Mum that I was going to jump, she scream and ran up to get me. From this day till we moved I had locks on the windows.

My sister was born 18 months after me and we got on well and we have been pretty good friends most our lives. Even if we are very different. she is your normal sort of girl while I am a non-binary everyday cross dressing queer who is obsessed with sex and fun.

Not a lot happened in my young childhood besides stealing my cousins Gameboy when my parents would not allow me one of my own and my first big loss, £80 left next to a lego toy in a super market.

[Early School] I didn't have friends in school and found it hard to learn. I'm not stupid just I didn't want to be there so didn't listen, I speed up when they held me back and I was in the same class as my cousin! I went from a Year 4 level to a high Year 6 in one year and this amazed my teachers. So they moved me up where I started to act bad again and started to have anger problems.

[Secondary School] My anger got worse and I was in trouble a lot because when bullied I would break stuff. I don't like hitting people and even then didn't, I would just punch windows, walls or throw chairs and stuff. Which got my parents in trouble a lot as I broke a lot of shit due my reaction to being bullied.

Now why was I bullied? I was called gay, batty boi and all sorts. I was after gay even if so far in the closest my best friend was a talking lion! I got depressed and around the last 2 years I started to cut to control my anger.

This ended me in counselling and on depressants which didn't help my cutting. I just felt numb so did it more and worse. I left school at 16 and came out as gay, this was a BIG thing.

[Coming Out] I came out because of a accident on my push bike. I came off in the rain going down a big hill and hit my head on the road. I had a concussion and short term amnisa (bout 20-30 mins) and in this time I was free. I remember the paramedic who came, he was hot and for the first time in my life because I didn't remember I didn't hate myself for thinking this. I was just happy to see a good looking guy helping me and it felt great, my memory came back and after a day in the hospital I was allowed home. I knew I needed this feeling I had all the time, I wanted to not hate myself for being gay.

I told my friends first, who were not the nicest people in the world but they meant more to me than my family at the time. They said they could not talk to 'emo batty boy', this was one thing but they also spoke to the local gang or at least some people connected in some way to them. For the next 3 years I got abuse shouted at me, I had people attack me and things thrown at me from cars. It was horrible.

Anyway after my friends knew and had left me alone with no else for company I got more depressed than before. My parents noticed and after a month or so I told them. They freaked out and for a year we didn't stop fighting, my mum moved out at one point. This was the worst point in my life, only matched by my fiance leaving me years later.

During this horrible year I started to sleep with random guys, normally older than me. Sometimes for money sometimes just as a way to do something. I didn't feel good enough for guys I liked to slept with guys I didn't. This lead to me getting raped, it was very violent. I never told my parents or anyone about it. I just figured I had asked for it and lived with it for years.

After a year and lots more doctors to speak to me and parents started talking again. I was still getting attacked though, my depression continued despite a small group of new friends I had. After 2 more years I decided to move at 19.

[Moving from the shadows to the Rainbow City!] I had one or two friends in Brighton, I thought this the perfect place for me and in 3 weeks I decided I was moving, sold everything and got just under £1000 for all my stuff and a train ticket one way.

I stayed on a friends sofa for a week, found a room and moved in. I was started to make lots more friends and have a life, with parties, sex and drugs. I was loving it and this is what put me on this path.

I lost my telesales job so started to escort for about 3 months. This was fun and I enjoyed but then met the man who would become my fiance before breaking my heart. I stopped escorting and got a real job and started to settle down.

I was raped again this time non-violently by my 'friend' during my engagement party. She decided to give me oral sex when I was passed out in bed with my fiance. We fell out because of this but besides losing a friend this didn't upset me much.

Only 2 months ago now my fiance dumped me. My gender was becoming clear to me and it was not male. I am non-binary and he didn't like this so it ended and hurt me alot.

I decided to start up escorting again, I will be doing webcam shows soon and I am loving life again.

Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll. Just need to leave this job I got now and then I can go back to being stupid again!

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Some people might not agree, but I think that as long as you're happy you should do whatever it is that you want to do. If you're getting by from one day to the next, enjoying yourself, and not hurting anyone, I don't see an issue.