his ex wife is driving me mad

I've been with my husband for 5 years, we got married after three. He was married before and has three kids with his ex wife. His kids are great, dont get me wrong but I hate the hold that his ex wife has over him. She is a lazy woman who does nothing to improve her own life or those of her kids, she just waits for him to handover money and then gives him a load of abuse when she feels like it.

He doesn't react as he was used to this behaviour throughout their marriage, but her behaviour in front of her children is appalling and she is too ignorant to realise that they are observing every action she makes and she is normalising bad behaviour.

I can't fucking do anything about it and it drives me mental. He won't stand up to her as he is concerned about his access to the kids so our whole lives are on constant hold waiting for this fucking woman to react to things. Its doing my head in. I can't take any action and although it doesn't affect our relationship I can't keep my mouth shut while he has to deal with this. I think I am making the problem worse at times so I try not to even comment on it any more. Stuck within the whim of an undeserving exwife is how I feel currently and can't see it getting better any time soon. So I'm just venting here to the void on the internet. Fab eh?! To be fair writing this out has made me feel less angry so maybe I need to do this more.

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Difficult situation to be in. I don't think I could cope with it. Hope you are feeling a bit calmer now and maybe just try and ignore it, if it doesn't directly affect you then don't let her influence your mood.

Anon-2 That must be so annoying. Well done on your patience so far. I hope there is some resolution to this for you although I'm not sure what it might be.