A Silly Problem to Have.

I woke up today, and my right foot was twice the size of my left. It was swollen in every part, literally: my toes were swollen, the top was swollen, the sole was swollen. I could barely walk. It doesn't hurt, but it feels "tight." It looks like the foot of a morbidly obese person, which I am not. My left foot looks normal. My feet look like they belong to two different people. 

I fell going down the stairs of my apartment building. The swelling has gone down some, but not by much. I'm googling causes for this; everything comes up as being related to how much salt, caffeine, and carbonated beverages I take in.

I buy cheap food. I can't afford any better. Everything is packed with salt, loaded. I'm probably getting 3-400% my daily required intake of salt. I'd love to cook for myself, but I have neither the time and energy, nor the physical means of doing so: my oven doesn't work properly, and as it's an old-fashioned gas stove I'm a little worried about that. 

Soda is my achilles' heel (and now it appears to be affected my heels) as I drink far, far too much of it. My record is 5-6 2-liter bottles in a day. On an average day I consume 2-3, with 3-4 a couple of times per week. I find it relaxing, and there's nothing else I can afford to do, and nowhere to go to keep my brain occupied. I'm starting to sympathize with the people who use illegal drugs, despite the physical side-effects; even as I write this, I'm sitting down drinking "a soda," meaning that I'm drinking straight from a 2-liter bottle. 

I don't know how to kick this habit without first dealing with some of the other stress factors in my life, but now I'm worried that I'm killing myself. It was all vaguely defined as "not very good for me" until I woke up one morning and my foot was like a balloon.

This is fucked up. You can have too much of anything, but most food doesn't affect you like this. Weight gain happens more gradually, and it can be worked off. I keep reasonably mobile, and have a respectable weight for my height. 

User Comments

I'm a diabetic. Nothing terrifies me so much as the notion that I might have to have a leg cut off someday, because my diabetes wasn't discovered until I was in my mid-thirties.

If I may be so presumptuous as to make a couple of suggestions, do your best to reduce your salt intake and carbonated beverages, also caffeine. Drink a lot of water; those flavored squirters you can buy in most supermarkets are a marvelous product, seriously. Do consult a doctor before taking any of this to heart, but you might actually up your fat intake over sugar and carbs. That'll help you to burn energy more easily :) I know it's counter-intuitive, but fat'll go in and out of you, forcing your body to burn stored energy. 


Watch your salt intake, and drink more water. That amount of soda doesn't sound healthy, but then I really couldn't say anything definite. I hope you're able to work out what's wrong. 


I don't know where you live, but in the UK, vegetables are cheaper than soda. Buy vegetables. Stop buying soda. Eat salad raw. Just stop eating the processed stuff and your weight, lethargy, and general feeling of crappiness will start to improve. I'm sure you know what you need to do really. Just find the self-love to do it. For yourself. Good luck.