Made a huge mistake, now at rock bottom.

This is something I'm particularly ashamed of, and I'd do anything to take it back. 2015 started out as a very promising year for me. Did a lot of snowboarding in the winter, went to Vegas in March, climbed to the summit of a mountain in April, met an amazing girl in May....


But then June came. The girl I just mentioned and myself were driving to a local Saturday market when something terrible happened. While on the highway, the car in front of me slammed on their brakes and I swerved to avoid it. Ended up losing control and sending my car into the concrete barrier and slamming into another vehicle. My GF and I were both knocked unconscious. I woke up almost immediately but she sustained a heavy knock to the back of her head, causing her to spend two days in the hospital. I stayed with her the entire time.


This is where things start getting much more complicated. During my stay at the hospital, I found out my insurance had lapsed on the vehicle I was driving (I own two vehicles, the other was fully covered). Because the accident was legally my fault (my lawyer believes there had been a 3rd vehicle that didn't stop, but can't yet be proven), I'm responsible for any damages and medical bills. In addition to a heavy financial burden, and the looming possibility of having to file bankruptcy, my license was also suspended due to the uninsured accident. The only good news is that, at the time, this brought me and my GF closer together. But we live about 2 hours apart, and having no car and no license really puts a damper on things. We still saw each other every weekend. But long story short, she left me for a guy that lives in her town about a month ago. We had talked about my problems and decided to work through them, but I guess it became to much to bear for her. Honestly, I can't blame her, as painful as it is to say. Admittedly, it's been hard for me without her, I miss her very much.


It's been a rough year, and I feel like an event that only lasted 5 seconds is causing me so much anguish and loss. I'm extremely regretful and sometimes I'm consumed by the memory of everything I've done and lost because of it.

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