How Does That Add Up!

So the last time you did this we were jsut friends. You met a guy in a game, and added him as a friend to mess with him. Your "toy" as you called him at the time. We all messed with him, but you would ditch us, me, to go mess with him. Your teasing and taunting turned into something else and soon you 2 were dating. He was insecure and jealous and you broke up 2 weeks later, to my relief because I too was slightly jealous.


And now here we are 4 months into our relationship. I'm just as jealous and insecure as Zach was, hell i'm more than likely worse. And i've ruined many a good nights with my delusions of lying and avoiding me. And you told me you were avoiding me. Because I get angry over everything and you blame yourself. That you avoid me so you don't upset me. But it's not you. They are such little things, and after you just explain it I realize how stupid I was. 


But now i'm not sure. I see you've made another friend. He plays a couple of the games you do, and I see you guys in games together. I had the pleasure of joining you in a game, and not surprisingly who is also in the same game?? Your new friend. He gets annoyed when you kill him and I hear you having a blast. I point out that you 2 are friends and you say "I don't even know wh this is" yet he is on your friends list?? So i point that out and you say "he must've added me than" despite you having to approve the request??? Okay whatever.


The next day you and your cousin are in a game with the guy, I ask "what are the chances?" and you laugh and say that he keeps telling you to stop killing him, and that you replied with "i give you a chance to kill me, you're just too slow :3".... This is beginning to look familiar. You enjoy messing with him and teasing him. Why can't you just say that's what you are doing?


You got a new game today, I see you are playing it so i click on your gamer tag to send you a message....... but suddenly i'm blocked from viewing it? I also can't view who you're in a game with. I message you and ask why i'm blocked and you blow it off. Okay? Guess it's glitched than. Out of curiosity I look up the guys name and what a surprise! He is also in the same game as you! I'm willing to be you guys are in the same lobby too! So what do I do? I ask you "should i be worried that your new plaything bought the game you just bought??" she replies and tells me he doesnt have the game buuuut that's not true. I say "you planned on buying the game together?" she says that he wanted it way before her. Okay so that confirms 2 things in my head. 1) that you guys do talk more than the taunting you first lead on, and 2) that you knew he wanted the game, and bought it so you could play with him???


"i'm done, so done! Believe whatever yo want to believe i'm bloody done!" why would you get so upset if everything i said was right??? If I was right and called you out you wouldn't try so hard to fix it would you??? But i can't just believe it's all a coincidence like you say it is. You say you are done but you came back to fight some more. To try and fix it or at least clear it up. So than why why why why why are all these things connected. I am connecting them, but it's not rocket science, I mean same thing happened with another guy before. You teased him, and liked him. From what you tell me now is this guy just follows yoou for no reason and jumps in all your games and is on your friends list and you guys dont say a word, just 2 friends in the same game not speaking??? So than why is he your friend!! It doesn't add up. He obviously likes the way you tease/flirt with him, and you love the reaction. It's exactly what happened with zach. But you are sitting there texting me asking "Can't you trust me?!?!" and i feel bad. You obviously care, but why buy the game with him? Why play every game with him and supposedly not talk??? It doesn't add up, or it does and there are left over parts or not enough parts. 

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