girlfriend broke up with me and im alone

my girlfriend broke up with me suddenly on sunday. shes left me because she wants to advance her career but not in the town that we currently live in. She is from said town and i through some stroke of luck I was offered a job there completely randomly. we have been living together for the past 7 months and she said she didnt want to settle down even when i told her I wasnt trying to get us to. over the past few days shes been slowly taking her stuff out leaving my house more and more empty. I have no family over here and no friends as all my previous ones were hers.

I cant leave because my job is too important to my career but the fact that i will be so alone frightens me about what will happen to my state of mind in the coming weeks/months

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That sucks man, heartbreak is tough.  Can you go back to where your family are for a visit? Might help you