The story of that time i nearly Cut my own penis off.

I was born in 1975, i had a fairly normal childhood until i turned 12 and found a bag Of coke in a garbage can, from then on i was an addict,  i smoked pot,herion did crack cocaine and LSD. I would also do ridiculous,wildly dumb things when i was high, i had sex with over 500 people during this time, around 1998 i found a girl i liked, we started dating, everything was great, until she found out i was a drig addict, then she packed her bags and left. Fast foward to 2000, I'm living in a small house with my roomate,who will call "Tom", so tom went to the store, i was high as fuck when he left, i wandered around in my back yard, and started hallucinating, i thought i had a raccon on my penis, so i picked up a shard of glass, and nearly cut my own dick off, my roomnate came home just in time to rush me to the hospital, i arrived there with blood everywhere, the nurses giggled, 2 months later i came home,cleaned up and stopped doibg drugs. I got married, bought a nice house in San Francisco. I've been drug free for 10 years now. The end.

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The way you wrote that, it feels like you either aren't comfortable sharing it, or you feel like it isn't worth sharing. Either way, thank you for sharing it. You'd be surprised at how valuable it might prove to be to others who need to find their way out of a bad situation. Kudos for your own wonderful recovery :)


Frighteningly, this is not the first time I've heard a story of someone doing (or attempting to do) exactly this. I'm quite happy that you didn't succeed, and thrilled that you've managed to put together a life for yourself.


Apparently, this one time when I was drunk, and high, I attempted to crush my own testicles in a vice grip. I don't remember ever feeling pain, but y'know... I've had problems ever since. I should probably go see a doctor.