Clarity: A poem you'll never read

I’m tired of smiling, and tired of pretending

It’s the ups and downs, the cycle never ending

Tears pour down from the waterfall of my eyes

I knew it would hurt, but this hurt’s a surprise

Some days I’m up, on others I’m down

Stuck in a dark hole where I can’t turn my frown upside down

It’s hard to smile and hold back the tears

Thinking about the past and the wonderful years

The difficulty is that I want things both ways

I want you back, but also hope she stays


I’m sorry I hurt you, but I had to go back and find her

Nurture her more and pray this time I’m kinder

I pray you understand that I forgot her for you

I’m not trying to demonize ya, but the above is true

Truth be told, You kinda forgot her too

I’m not placing blame, ‘cause the love is still there

And I want you to know that I still care

Maybe once she’s found her way, you’ll still be there!

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