How To Regain The Childlike Joy From Life.


Today at Cathartic, Sophie Hailwood explains why there may be an crucial element we are all missing from our adult lives: 


Life as an adult can be a relentless effort of holding down responsibilities, being accountable for things and taking life and all its problems seriously. If you spend time with children it can be a very enlightening experience, they experience wonder, joy and excitement at the simplest things in their environment. I believe that it is important to rediscover this sense of wonderment to fully appreciate and enjoy life again.


There are so many interesting and wonderful things in the world, things that should get people excited and instil a sense of joy, but most of us become so bogged down in the adult side of life that we become oblivious to the amazing world around us. Responsibility and the conditioning to act in a certain way when you reach adulthood are obviously necessary things required to get through life. However, embracing the child like approach to inquisitiveness, experiences and learning can adjust how you see things and be of benefit to your own mental wellbeing.


Learning Shouldn’t Be Limited To Early Life:

The world is a fascinating place, diverse and full of amazing things. An important stage of childhood is learning, many of us go to school and then fail to continue to educate ourselves within adulthood. If you take the time to consciously learn new things or skills, you find that life has greater depth and are able to appreciate the connections between certain things or events. Learning allows deep satisfaction of mastering something, rather than the instant gratification of quick fix entertainment.

Learning new skills allows you to be motivated and is an act that you can be proud of, no matter how slowly you learn, if you are able to do something new and outside of your comfort zone it can have a positive effect  Learning keeps your mind active and as such keeps it healthier, taking on a new challenge can help you use your mind in a new and different way.


Embrace The Present Moment and Appreciate The Small Things:

Appreciating your environment in a different way can help improve mental wellbeing. Children approach life with questions and a natural inquisitiveness that we sometimes lose sight of as an adult.  When you are outside, take time to appreciate the present moment, the beauty of things you would never normally notice and would often walk by.


Be Creative And Learn How To Express Yourself:

There is a recent trend for adult colouring books, which many find to be a great source of stress relief and an aid for relaxing the mind.  Creativity is something that is prevalent when younger, but as adults we are inclined to lose this creativity in favour of more analytical thinking.  If you are looking for a way to relieve some of the day to day stress you feel, creativity can be a definite help. Art, Music, Writing or any other creative method can clear the mind, absorb your focus and help you create something to be proud of and positive about.


Life can be tough as an adult, with adulthood comes responsibility and decision making that can pile stress and anxiety upon a person.  I believe that as adults we also need to embrace the more light hearted and stress free activities that we enjoyed as children.

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