Can Anonymity Help Those Struggling To Express Themselves?


Does anonymity encourage self disclosure? Sophie Hailwood believes so and explains why to Cathartic:


The Internet is powerful, it has revolutionised the way we all deal with day to day life and has enabled many of us to learn things, do things or experience things that twenty years ago we would never have imagined to be possible.


One of the major drawbacks of the Internet is the endless ways in which you can be tracked or identified merely from clicking on a link or visiting a certain page. The Internet tracks people, that is now an inevitable fact of life. It has become more and more difficult to do anything online without your information being collected, stored and used for various purposes, predominantly targeted advertising.


Studies have shown that anonymous self expression can be a way of encouraging people to talk about there problems in a freer and more comprehensive way.  The anonymity allows the person to feel more open and removes and hesitation of fear, identification or stigma.  If no one knew it was you speaking, would you be able to express yourself more fully? The answer is more often than not yes and it is for this reason we believe in the power of anonymous self expression as a first step to addressing issues and empowering those who may otherwise have remained silent.


At, we are acutely aware of the many people out there with a need to express themselves but a hesitancy to for fear of identification, judgement, stigma or shaming. We have designed our site to be different, negating these issues to provide a genuinely anonymous platform for self expression or disclosure of thoughts. The technology within the Cathartic website has been reverse engineered to allow complete anonymity for all our users.


There are no Google Analytics attached to the website, no third party data collection, no tracking via external sources. All log files are destroyed and IP addresses are scrub from the database as soon as a session has ended. The technology is bespoke for the purpose of anonymous disclosure and as such our users can be assured that their identity is safe and will never be disclosed to anyone.


If you have a story to tell or wish that you could express your thoughts, worries or feelings but are hesitant to do so in case of identification then Cathartic can help you. We are designed to be anonymous, will remain anonymous and exist because we feel too many people are suffering alone with their problems.

The sharing of experiences and stories can be of benefit to not only the individual but also to society as a whole. We want to break the stigma by allowing people to say whatever they need to, in hopefully a first step to improving their wellbeing and moving forward in the future. If you have a story you would like to share, click the “Your Story” button and express what you need to in total anonymity.