How Cathartic Is Helping People Today.


Self expression is good for mental wellbeing, as it can help you to clear your mind of overwhelming thoughts. Writing is one way of expressing yourself, that is accessible to nearly everyone and can be done at anytime.


Cathartic offers a platform to people who may feel uncomfortable expressing themselves to others, for fear of judgment, stigma or shame.  We believe that everyone should have a safe place to come to and be able to say whatever they need to, without any of these concerns.


The Cathartic site is being used by people without an alternative source of self expression and one of users recently contacted us, wishing to share with others how Cathartic had been of benefit for her.  Our contributor is a thirty something female, who identifies as gay and documents life through words and photos.


Mental Health issues have been a part of your life for a long time,  Can you explain your story?

Believe it or not it was only looking back in my later life that I knew depression and anxiety was mental health, I was not aware of what it was, as at the time, I was just lost in this black space for many years on my own. I hit depression in my teens, and suffered in bouts right through to my late 20's.  Back then, a friend saw I was struggling emotionally and took me to see a college counsellor.


Do you currently face any challenges with regards to your mental health on a daily basis?

These days, I suffer with anxiety and not feeling good enough, this has an effect on those around me and tends to stress people out. I do fitness, and also do my art, and spend time with friends, I write and I use cathartic to help me, it is an amazing website.


You are a creative person, does being creative help you with your Mental Health?

I just have this underlying notion in myself where I want to help others, and my art can help people understand those feelings they might have. My art is emotive, powerful and is just self expression.


What advice would you give creative people who suffer with Mental Health issues?

Draw, paint, express yourself through your thoughts, talk, confide in others, and use cathartic to voice yourself as it’s a safe haven and no can judge you.


How has anonymous self expression using Cathartic helped you?

It's a place I can post to daily or more to voice myself in a safe place without the stigma of social media getting hold of it and criticising me.


If you have a story of the past, need to express how you feel or fears for the future that overwhelm you, feel free to share them on Cathartic by using the “Your Story” button.  Express yourself, reflect on the past and move forward with your future, all in total anonymity.