Don't Treat Life Like An Emergency.


The rapid increase in the level of technology over the last ten years has had, like it or not, a dramatic influence upon all of our lives. Many of the influences are positive ones but there are several negative effects that to much information can have upon us. Life has become a fast paced, information overload that can lead us to believe that everything should be treated as an immediate priority and as an emergency.


This influx of information and news stories can be overwhelming. If you have ever looked at twitter you will understand that the speed of reaction to events is now instant. Endless, scrolling news and essentially a vocalised version of other people's subconscious all penetrate your mind without you even noticing. It is not necessarily a good thing to spend your time in hyper reaction to events. Thirty years ago, events happened and you perhaps would have heard about them on the radio, the nightly news or in a newspaper. Now you can see live pictures of news events as they happen, this just adds to the sense of emergency and panic your mind feels.


Life Isn't An Emergency Unless You Allow It To Be:

We all have a propensity to believe that life is an emergency, terrible things will happen if we don't do certain things immediately, can’t instantly get what we want or that we must spend all our time working or something bad will happen. This state of emergency can lead us to neglect other more important areas of our lives and feel perpetually in a state of heightened stress.  


Life has a strange way of continuing whether we treat everything like an emergency or not. The world has always and will always carry on regardless of how you approach it, so why not approach things in a different way? Time is a commodity, that unfortunately is limited for each and every one of us. Noticing when you are erroneously reacting to situations as an emergency can help you regain mental balance, help you spend your time in a less stressful and improve your stress levels immensely.


Don't Turn Small Events Into Emergencies:

I have never met anyone, including myself, who hasn't turned small things into out of proportion emergencies. We are inclined to berate ourselves and feel we are a disappointment if we do not meet self imposed goals or respond immediately to everything. It shouldn't be this way, humans need down time and relaxation which is becoming harder and harder to do. Adjusting the way you treat and respond to events can help you remove these feelings of negativity, disappointment and stress.


If you are able to gain awareness of when you are creating your own emergencies in life and recognise that immediate response is not necessary, you will be able to improve your state of mind and allow yourself to relax and focus upon things you enjoy and where you need to move on to with your life.

If you wish to express what you feel, how life feels like an emergency all the time and wish to break free of the panicked state of mind, we can help you at Cathartic. We are a place designed to allow you to express your thoughts, worries or story in total anonymity.

Express the emergency you have mentally created - write it down, reflect and move forward. We can take those thoughts from your mind and allow you to restore perspective, peace and harmony to your life.