Learn To Live In The Present Moment.


Peace of mind is a concept that everyone is familiar with, but very few people are actually able to achieve. Why has it become so difficult to live without fear, panic, regret or anxiety?

Many of us have actually mastered the opposite art of neurosis and spend much of our time worrying about a number of things, all at the same time without ever appreciating the present moment.


Too many of us get overwhelmed by stress and allow past problems, anxieties and concerns about the future to dominate us in the present. This can lead to perpetual feelings of frustration, anxiety, depression and hopelessness. We are happy to postpone our priorities, our gratification and our happiness on the premise that “someday” will be a better time than today.


Peace of mind is a difficult thing to quantify but it can be thought of as how often we are able to live in the present moment, enjoying life and finding ourselves free from external concerns or worries. The “someday” we are all waiting for is likely never to arrive unless we embrace the present moment, decide that it is now we need to take action, clear our thoughts and start to enjoy living in the current moment.


Life is not a dress rehearsal, you are not suddenly going to have another chance at doing it and while we procrastinate in fear of making changes, the world and life is passing us by. If now is the only time that you have and in turn the only time you have control over, you can combat the fear. Fear is the thing keeping us in the past or tied up with concern about the future, when the present moment is the place you need to be concentrating your thoughts upon.


You can combat fear and anxiety by making a conscious effort to allow your thoughts to remain in the present moment, appreciating what is around you or deciding what you need to change to achieve peace of mind.


If anxiety and depression are overwhelming your life, try to practice keeping your focus in the present. Ignore the past, it has happened and the future has yet to occur. When you start to live more in the present moment, you can make a positive step and free your mind from continual negativity.


Cathartic can help you to express the thoughts, worries or story that are holding you in the past or keeping you in fear of the future. Write from your subconscious, share the things that you have learned to dwell on, shift your thinking from fear and anxiety into the current moment and how you can move forward with your life.

Click on the “Your Story” button and express what you need to say, in total anonymity and start living more in the present moment.