Ask Yourself, "Will This Matter In A Year's Time?"


Throughout the course of a day, week or month we can be faced with various issues that can cause a state of anxiety or panic within our own subconscious. This is not a healthy way to approach life and can drain energy from you, energy that would be better spent on more important things. There is a method of rationalising your panic and thoughts, that has helped me and I want to discuss it with you now in the hope it may help others.


Will this matter in a year's time? This is small question has helped me transform how I approach day to day life. It can be a great way of adjusting your thinking from a default position of panic. Think of things that seemed life changing or unrecoverable from five years ago. Do they bother you now? Do you feel as affected by them now? The answer is probably no. If you can approach events with this in mind, it makes it easier to get through the present when you know that the likelihood of something having a lasting effect upon you is minimal.


Things that would have made me panic or be consumed by anxiety, I now approach with a new method. Yes, I have to be able to deal with them as they happen. The realisation that in a week I probably won't even remember the exact details of the event means that I am able to just deal with, move on from and forget about things that would previously have kept me awake all night with anxiety.


Questions To Ask Yourself:


  1. Will This Matter In A Week's Time?
  2. Will This Matter In A Month's Time?
  3. Will This Matter In A Year's Time?
  4. Have I Been Through Something Similar and Survived?
  5. Have I Lost Perspective On The Importance of This?


The answer to all these questions, when dealing with my own anxiety over events is nearly always “No, it won't matter”. “Yes, I have survived far worse than this” and “Yes, I have completely let my mind run away with me about the importance of this issue”.


This allows your mind to focus upon solving the things that do matter and avoid expending energy on events that are going to happen any way, the outcome you can't control and will eventually be inconsequential to you.


If you suffer from anxiety you may wish to try approaching issues with this mindset, it has worked for me and can be a great way of gaining perspective and living in a calmer, stress free way. It allows you to use the energy that would be spent worrying focussing upon things that really are important and help improve your peace of mind and stress levels.

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