Why We Need To Share Our Stories.


Each one of us is unique. We have all been through experiences that have shaped us personally and the influenced the decisions we have taken throughout life. Good or bad, events and relationships have shaped us into the person we are at the present moment.


At Cathartic, we have a strongly held belief that these stories can be expressed to help not only the author to experience clarity of mind but to help others realise that they are not alone in how they feel. The act of sharing stories with the intention of helping others can be a positive step taken to show empathy and support to those who may be suffering and isolated.


Why Your Story Matters:


When you reflect upon your life so far, what events have shaped you? What experiences have given you the values that you hold and allowed you a different perspective on events that other may not have?

If you have been through difficult times it is often easy to overlook the progress that you have made. Self expression and reflection through the medium of expressive writing can be a powerful means of starting to realise how far you have come. Progress through difficult events can be slow and incremental, it is important to reflect on positive actions you have made and realise that you have made steps to be proud of. If you do not support yourself and appreciate the steps forward you have taken, it becomes harder to move on.

Human beings are social by nature and work best as a community. The advent of technology has lead to increased isolation even under the guise of social media, it is only social on a screen. It is not necessarily a fulfilling or beneficial experience to spend hours staring at a screen. We have lost something as a society, we are all in this together and the fact that so many people are struggling with mental health issues is demonstrative of this fact. Open communication, shared experiences and supporting others by explaining how you have gained the perspective on events can all help.

Stories connect the past and the present, they are a means of self expression that allows clarity of mind and can be an uplifting experience if you use them as a learning tool rather than allowing them to exist in your mind and negatively run over the details all the time. It can be hard to look at events objectively and learn from them, rather than dwell on them and allow the past to control our future.


Our Mision:


If you have a story to tell that you feel may help others who are struggling, we exist for you to share it. We want everyone to know that they are not alone and there should be no stigma surrounding mental health issues. By sharing stories, we can work as a community for good to aid those who have not come as far on their journey of recovery. The more we talk and communicate about these problems, the more society will adjust and realise that it is up to all of us to help. Society is about community, support and helping not simply exiting for your own means.


Join us in our mission to talk about mental health issues, raise awareness and help others who are finding things difficult. Share your thoughts, feelings or entire story in total anonymity. It does not matter who you are, the things you have been through are important and the fact that you are still standing means that you are stronger than you think.

Help us, help others to be strong and get help for their issues and share your story using the link above. It can be cathartic for you, cathartic for the reader and eventually will be cathartic for society as a whole.