Why Conversation Rather Than Imitation Can Help Bring Down Blue Monday


Christmas and the following months, particularly January and February, are often recognised as a difficult time for people emotionally. Christmas comes with the concept of ‘expectation’ – those unwritten rules which still seem to exist, tying  people into patterns of behaviour which turn them into tasks(such as being ‘social’ and having a good time’). In many ways it is a time of year where so many of us ‘just go along with it’ – the ‘it’ typically imitating actions prescribed by expectant family or friends.  ‘It’ may be an effort to ‘look happy’ even when we do not feel so, to ‘keep quiet’ because we have something emotive to say but worry about its suitability for the occasion. People seem to pass this off as a solution, but remember – you deserve to express yourself, and you CAN, with Cathartic!

Bottling things up at Christmas in a common concept, but keeping the lid on only leaves things lingering in January. Therefore, why not release the tension and talk about it? This isn’t an instruction, no, but an invitation – we are all capable of communicating in our own way, so now’s the occasion to do what’s right for you.  


Talking can take whatever form you want

The festive season and New Year is a time filled with chatter, yes (the ‘Merry Christmases’ and ‘best wishes’) but how often can you sit and have a proper TALK, to CONVERSE rather than come forward with something rehearsed?  Talking can take whatever form you want – and at Cathartic, that is why we offer an online resource where people can use the written word, anonymously, to express themselves.

Hence, going forward into 2016, perhaps it’s time to see that it is conversation rather than imitation which matters.

What is meant by this? Let me elaborate. It’s not just Christmas and New Year, but the modern day in general, where it can seem easy to fall into imitating a recommended course of action, rather than really being ourselves.  I often find myself filling my time with ‘tasks’ and ‘actions’ in order to avoid emotions underneath. So many of us have ‘routines’ when we get home driven by what we think we ‘should’ do, rather than necessity. After all, actions and efficiency is what the digital age seems to thrive on - you may have already seen so many ‘top 10 ways to beat Blue Monday’ or ‘follow these six steps for a stress free New Year’. And it’s okay to admit it – these can be incredibly alienating!


Forge forward with being creative and expressive

Because rather than covering how we live with action after action, what is important is to give ourselves some time for the REACTION – to respond to events around us. You can forge forward into January by giving yourself the chance to do so; and that may involve reflecting, talking about your experiences over the past few weeks.  It is here that talking and conversation can be incredibly helpful; in whatever form. Here at Cathartic, we do not dismiss the digital – instead we utilise it to provide a platform for people to be able to reflect, rather than under pressure to act.

Perhaps all you want is to express yourself honestly and openly after keeping things closed up: and that’s what the year should be all about!  Here we celebrate the significance of conversation. Conversing is a first point for self-reflection – you can put up a post which is personal to you, about an event, anything.  It allows you to forge forward with being creative and expressive, rather than just following a list or keeping quiet. And that’s why conversation rather than imitation is central this year at Cathartic: because you can communicate your feelings, anonymously, offer advice to others, and moist importantly, be yourself.

Let 2016 be the year of conversation.


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