Learn How To Build Happiness.


Being happy can take work and practice. Temporary events may raise happiness levels but after a temporary boost our feelings can return to where they were previously. The following are a range of things you can do to boost and build sustained happiness levels when practiced regularly.


  1. Acts of Kindness.


You can make a decision to things that are nice, for no reason other than to be of help. A random act of kindness can be surprisingly rewarding for both the person giving and the person benefiting from the act of kindness.


  1. Meditation.


Meditation has been proven to reduce anxiety and promote more positive emotions. If you regularly meditate and enjoy it, it is possible to recondition your brain to enjoy more sustained happiness levels.


  1. Positive Writing.


Taking the time to document positive events in your life will help you to get into the habit of focusing on the positive. Write about a fund day spent with friends or family, an activity you enjoyed or anything that has made you happy. It reinforces a positive message and gets you focusing on happiness.


  1. Gratitudes.


Make sure that everyday you write down at least three things that you are grateful for. It doesn't matter if they are small things, it only counts that they matter to you. If you get into this habit it helps retrain your mind to look at the positive aspects more than the negative.


  1. Relationships.


Spend time with your friends and family as it can be a powerful way of positively helping your mood. Those who are dedicated to spending time with their loved ones show the highest levels of happiness. Sending an email or making a phone call can be a way to reconnect relationships and improving happiness.