Cathartic: “Providing psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions”

Who are we?

Completely anonymous through the use of advanced technology, we are a website dedicated to helping people. We are a non-profit organisation that genuinely wants to help people suffering, using a method we ourselves have found useful. The act of writing down the thoughts in your head, allowing them to flow freely and moving them from your conscious mind into a tangible document is a very powerful tool. We are here to help promote expression of and in turn, healing from thoughts that may otherwise consume us.

What are we?

We have an important focus on helping those with mental health problems, however the site is not exclusively for that reason. It is a platform for anyone, with anything that they would like to say. People use the site to confess things that they have never admitted to anyone before, as a place to write what they cannot say to anyone close to them or as a place to document how they are feeling on that particular day. We will not exclude anyone and have an ethos of anonymous transparency and openness.

What are our values?

We have a strong core value that everyone has a story to tell, something they need to share and that the act of sharing can genuinely improve the life and mental state of those sharing it. The site is completely anonymous to encourage anyone to share their story without the fear of identification that may inhibit aspects of their story telling.

Our Journey

Cathartic was created in 2014 as a place for people to come and say whatever is on their mind. The website has grown and become an important hub for many individuals to use a platform to start a journey of personal expression and growth. We are currently working with various organisations to expand the service and provide cathartic relief to many more people.

How Can I Help or Contact Cathartic?

Organisations: If you are interested in working with Cathartic to promote awareness of an issue close to your heart, feel free to contact us at

Individuals: We are always happy to hear from anyone who has the time and talent to help Cathartic grow, Send a copy of your resume to in the first instance and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Feedback: Any feedback on the platform, service or ideas for improvement are always greatly appreciated. You can do this after submitting a story or by email. Without your feedback we cannot learn, grow and improve and that is key to helping us evolve in helping other people.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:Is the site really anonymous?
A: Everything has been designed from the ground up specifically to support anonymity. We regularly review our code and configuration to ensure that you remain safely anonymous.

Q: Can I access via Tor?
A: Yes, we have a tor address hs6b6ejk5zkbtamr.onion. If anyone would like to learn more about Tor checkout the Tor Project.

Q: How do I create an account?
A: Share your story, when you submit the story for publishing you will be given a secure username and password. Keep these safe and you will be able to edit stories you have submitted or comment on other stories that resonate with you.

Q:How do I recover my lost password?
A: The site's design and our desire to provide you with secure anonymity means we are unable to reset your login information. If you wish to have an article removed but no longer possess the related login information, we will do our best to help you. In this case, you would need to be able to demonstrate that you have written the article. We strongly suggest that you keep your login and password for each story you have written safely stored, in the event that you wish to make changes in the future.

Q: What can I write about on Cathartic?
A: We believe in free speech and try not to limit the content or scope of stories people can write about. However, there are certain subjects and things we are unable to and will not accept:

Q:How do I contact you?

A: All support requests go via, for anything else

Q:How can I help support?
A: The best support for our idea is people using the platform and contributing to our community. We are also able to accept donations via the following methods. All donations are very much appreciated and help us to continue our mission of helping others.